Location: Underway to Essaouira

Toto once reputedly “blessed the rains down in Africa” as to whether they ever came face to face with the fruits of their efforts. However, we may never know. On the other hand, Argo was welcomed into the Atlantic by a steady stream of precipitation throughout the night. This did little to dampen the crew’s enthusiasm for the many variations on “I spy” (made tricky by a marked absence of light) and “guess that intro” that ensued throughout the night. By the by, the clouds eventually began to scatter as we welcomed in another beautiful day underway off the coast of Morocco.

Chefs James, Ian, and Amy cooked up a storm at lunch, treating us to a Greek-style mix of pita chips, tzatziki, and hummus served with a Mediterranean salad. This was promptly followed by marine biology class, where everybody got a look at some of the marine life we can expect to see a bit further down the line when we reach the Canaries, along with material on flatworms nematodes and a wrapping up of all things coral. After a study period and the ever-popular deck showers, the chefs once again plied us with a veritable feast of turkey burgers, potato gratin, and fruit salad – received very well by all.

Immediately we can see the changes around us as we leave the Mediterranean behind. Despite being but a little over 100 nautical miles off the coast, there has been very little in the way of traffic. And though the wind is currently hovering somewhere in the range of light to non-existent, we’re still left with a degree of residual swell from the West. There’s a tangible feeling of excitement throughout the crew as we leave all that has become familiar to us over the past month behind and look onward to a new continent and a new ocean. The smooth running of the various watches and the familiarity everyone has gained with the multitude of maneuvers, jobs, and routines that all play such a crucial part in Argo’s operation is a real tribute to the work put in by all and leaves me looking forward to the many more adventures we have ahead.

Tim L

Pictured: Jake at the helm, Andrew on bow watch, Ian and Dan getting stuck into the rigors of navigation

Current position
034* 27.92’N
008* 51.56′ W