Location: 20 33.27'S 56 54.51'E

It is day 55, and we have already made sufficient progress towards Africa. Although this passage for Richard’s Bay is long and potentially far more adventurous than any of our previous exposure thus far, the crew no longer carries the nervousness or trepidation that was characteristic of the beginning of the two-week passage. At last count a few hours ago, we had only 277 nautical miles to go until we hit the 5,000-mile mark. We are all chomping at the bit to have the chance to helm during this moment.

After passage preparations were completed and classes excused, a great deal of us dedicated our time to catch up on the classwork many of us had so effortlessly filed away and forgotten over these past couple of days in port. We may be enrolled in classes in the middle of the Indian Ocean, but some things never change.

Port Louis will be missed. Its cultural wealth surpasses any artificial wealth a city could hope to have. I think I can speak on behalf of the crew that, while here in Port Louis, each day ashore fostered a healthy buzz off the satisfaction of completing a fulfilling and memorable day… the coffee didn’t hurt either. Those of us on Argo may be strangers to the places we travel to, but any fear that it usually accompanies has well begun to fade.

As we near the Agulus current, I am not the least ashamed to say that I look forward to challenging conditions. The ocean conditions characteristic of this region lend sailing a sense of seriousness and purpose that is, more often than not at our age, fairly rare. I want to experience the rush from turning the plane of a mundane existence upside down.

P.S. from Petey: Hello my dear parents! Yes, I am still seasick, but I am approaching this passage with nothing but excitement. I am continuing to feed the fish quite frequently as conditions change. I will keep you posted and just wanted to let you know that even though this crazy sail plan makes me both literally and figuratively sick, it does not have me worried. I already cannot wait to yell “Land Ho” for Africa! Sending love:)