Location: Port Louis, Mauritius

Hello everybody, Caroline here!!
Today all the students got a free day to make their own plans and explore the island before we head out for our 10-day passage to South Africa tomorrow. Using every second of shore time to our advantage, we had a wide array of activities taking place today. A large group of students went on a morning hike up. Another group of us took a taxi ride to the mall and spent the day buying some necessities for the upcoming passage and for the rest of the trip (mostly snacks). A few found a spa and spent the day relaxing, which we were all extremely jealous of. Two students even decided that the best way to see the island was from a plane, and they went skydiving. Mauritius has treated us all very well. From the amazing scuba diving to zip-lining to free wifi, we have all enjoyed our time on this beautiful island. With possible rough seas ahead, we are all currently cherishing our final moments tied up to the dock and preparing to break out our PFDs once again. Mauritius, you will be missed but watch out, South Africa, here we come.
Hi family, I miss and love you guys
-Skipper Caroline