Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Today, after a few dolphin sightings, a sudden rainstorm, and no propane left for cooked meals, we finished our passage to Antigua around 13:00. We turned the motor on and drove straight to the fuel dock as we were running very low on gas. Upon arrival in English Harbor, we cleaned our bunks, the salon, the galley, organized all the food, and scrubbed the deck to look good for all the docked superyachts.
After we finished this, we all got to tour Argo, SeaMesters other vessel that is also docked in English Harbor currently. We were all in awe of how spacious the galley and salon were and how many outlets and heads were on board. We met her crew and talked to them a bit about their past voyage from South Africa.
After visiting Argo, we got to shower with the freshwater on land! Super exciting! During our shower, we felt a 4.7 magnitude earthquake. Kelsay, Devi, and I walked around Nelsons Dockyard and held a giant mahi-mahi that some fisherman caught and kindly told us to take a photo with. At 17:30, we got back on the dinghy and came back to Ocean Star in a new spot on the dock. Steph came back with groceries around 18:00. After an hour of unloading and putting food away, we finally got to eat a delicious meal of rotisserie chicken, pita bread, cucumbers, hummus, and my favorite, fresh mozzarella! We did squeeze, per usual, and then had free/study time until bed.