Location: Underway to Antigua

It was a great overnight passage out of St. Barths. We began by practicing our upwind skills and set all three headsails as we pulled out of St. Barths. Unfortunately, the wind angle was not friendly to us, and we had to tack away from St. Kitts. We had hoped to make it all the way from St. Barths to Antigua on one tack, but the wind turned too far south of east for us to accomplish that feat. After tacking, the engine was turned on, and motor sailing began. We made our way northeast until we were between Barbuda and St. Barths and tacked again to make our way south to Antigua. We made it around Cade’s Reef, which shelters the southern shore of Antigua by sunrise, and we shut the motor off. The next watch woke to find Ocean Star sailing again, and we practiced beating upwind. We needed to wait for the Slipway to open and have their staff ready to give us some fuel. It was a great sail while it lasted. And a great final practice before classics week.