Location: Gustavia, St. Barthélemy

Today we woke up and left Isle Fourche, and headed back to our safe anchorage to drop a crew member off for the morning. We motored to the anchorage under foresail alone. With no sails up, Ocean Star can be a bit of a rolling ride, so we quickly threw up that foresail for stability. After the quick drop-off, we threw up our full complement of sails. The staysail, jib, and mainsail went up in a snap, and before we knew it, we were recovering the dinghy with our shore party back aboard. We started doing some sail training to prepare for the races coming up on Wednesday. It was off to the races, buoy marker to buoy marker, staff vs. students practice race I’ll let you think about who may have won. It was Watch Team One vs. Watch Team Two vs. Staff. The staff made up the smallest team with only four members, but they made it around the course in lightning time and set the bar high for the watch teams that followed. Watch team one: Lucy, Kelsay, Will, Hunter, Devi, and Elle were up next, followed by Watch team two: Peyton, Olivia, Katie, Duncan, and myself. The times were 34 minutes to 44 minutes to 59 minutes. All I’ll say is that they got lucky, the wind wasn’t on our side, and staff blew us all out of the water. I was making sure to dole out a sufficient amount of trash talk. Sadly that didn’t go so well when we came in a bit slower than I had expected. I want to note that we got interfered with, and we were a man down compared to watch team one. I wake a lot of the members of watch team one up for their anchor watch 👀 so watch out Everyone is finishing up Steves’ test right now. I hope you’ll still love me back home, mom & dad.

P.S. I’m willing to take bets on the Boston Celtics winning the championship this year