Location: Ilse Forchue, St. Barthélemy

Today started at 6 am in the lovely Isle Fourchue. I had watch from 6-7 am, which was perfect so I could wake everyone up at 7! The smell of bacon kept me company during my watch as Hunter and Matty prepared breakfast. I also spotted some large barracuda swarming around the dolphin striker. We all gathered for breakfast, but our faces changed from content to wide-eyed once we saw a HUGE rainstorm quickly approaching us. Some of us ran down below, some of us saved the bacon, and some danced in the rain, just living the morning to the fullest (Peyton :)).

We all dinghied over to the island for Wiggys leadership class. We were given the unique opportunity to roam and explore the island for three hours in solitude. Weve all been together as a crew for 60 days, and this was a chance for us to use this as reflection time on our own. We all split up and took on the island, each at our own pace. It was a really valuable time well-spent. It was a time Ill never forget because back at home, its always so apparent that we go from one thing to the next to-do lists, job interviews, exams to study for, appointments to schedule, etc. If we arent busy, we feel off. But sitting and roaming, just thinking, for three hours made me realize how precious time is.

Once the dive flag went up on Ocean Star, that was our signal to come back to the meeting spot. We all dinghied back and had a yummmmmyyy grilled cheese and vegetable soup lunch! We all were starving and gobbled it up like vultures, as we do at every meal. After lunch, we had Ians seamanship class. We started Nav Master lessons today!

After lunch, there was study and (much needed) nap times. Im not sure what went on because I was in a deep sleep. Being rocked to sleep on Ocean Star >>>

Once dinner approached, it started to rain again. As skipper, I made an executive decision to have everyone eat dinner down below. Chef Hunter and Matty kindly served us all a hearty chicken parm and pasta feast. We all ate until our tummies were full. At the squeeze, we all shared what kind of pasta shape we would prefer to be if we had the chance to be a piece of pasta. I said bowtie. It just tastes better.

After cleanup, we had oceanography with Steph. We learned a lot about pollution in the open ocean. All great things to learn not just for exams but to keep in mind as stewards of the Earth.

Now we must study for Steves marine bio exam and finish up our Fish I.D.s!

We are not just surviving; we are thriving. Today was a good day.

Peace and Blessings,