Location: Livorno

Hello All, Today after an early morning Science class we left our comfortable anchorage in La Grazie. I know I will not be the only one that will miss hot showers so nearby. We put up our sails for some stability on the rolling seas and motored the 35 miles to the port of Livorno. Livorno has granted us some very interesting dock-mates. On our Port side is a yacht named 007, and directly fore is an Italian Police boat, it will surely be a personal choice of which boat to jump aboard in case some type of emergency is to arise, personally I’m a Bond fan?. Although 007 is far flashier than Argo we have her beat in size… for the first time on this voyage we are the biggest boat in port. A few people walking the dock have actually lingered to admire Argo, usually an act reserved only for mega yachts. After anchoring we began dinner preparations, the marina has a large grill so we hauled all the food fixings and made a delicious dinner of hamburgers, salad and French fries. After dinner we relaxed by playing a game of Apples to Apples, which turned out to not be as relaxing as we had intended…quite a few mini debates started over which was the correct card to pick or the exact meaning of a word, but it was all good fun. Clean-up took awhile but we jammed to some nice loud music, and everyone is rushing off to bed because we have an early morning tomorrow, so I shall say good bye and goodnight.