Location: Pisa on passage to Elba

Today was quite an eventful day. With an early start in Livorno we jaunted over to Livorno Central the train station and moseyed our way to the famous town of Pisa which holds the world renowned leaning tower of Pisa. We walked around the old town which was filled with many tourist gift shops, delicious restaurants, serving everything from pizza to prosciutto and melon. We climbed up the many steps of the Tower of Pisa, and enjoyed a beautiful vista of the surrounding cathedral, and grassy lawn surrounded by an ancient and well trodden promenade. After a well paced stroll we headed for the train station, and back to the city of Livorno where the boat was docked. We dropped lines with haste and made way for the famous island of Elba. The sail there was filled with some big waves, and strong enough winds to sail along at a comfortable 10 knots, even if the sea was a little lumpy. We made great time to Elba and dropped anchor with only moments to spare to watch another fantastic sunset in the beautiful waters just of the Italian Coast. All in all a fantastic day with much accomplished, and little time left to spare.