Location: Elba

Today the first day of our diving adventure began. First we woke up to the delectable smell of British pancakes. Next we split into two groups. The beginners worked on basic scuba operation while the advanced diving group worked on navigation. Separated, we made our way into the slightly chilly water and enjoyed spending time in the underwater world. Those in the beginner group were lucky enough to see a sea star. We regrouped back at Argo for lunch. After warming up in the sun during lunch we headed back down beneath the waves to finish up our first day of diving. The advanced group practiced buoyancy control by swimming through hula-hoops while upside down and saw a spotted jellyfish. The beginner group entered the water by back-rolls from the dingy as opposed to from the beach as they did in the morning. Now more comfortable we practiced more skills. After getting out of the water we practiced radio skills and the phonetic alphabet in Sierra Alpha India Lima India November Golf class. Later we had a casual dinner and recovered from the day’s events with an early bedtime. Anchor watch was luckily uneventful and we all had a chance to catch up on our Z’s.