Location: Underway from Elba to Rome

The day started bright and early with a 5 am wake-up for watch team one as we left Porto Azzurro in Elba and headed to Civitavecchia, the port of Rome. It was fairly smooth motoring as the sun came up over the Italian mainland through the clouds in the distance held a lot of rain and thunder. Unfortunately, the breeze was coming from just where we wanted to be going, but it didn’t stop us sticking some sails up to help us along the way. Just after lunch, a buoy went overboard, and the now well-practiced crew flew into action, getting poles, rings, and dinghies over the edge in record time. With the buoy safely back on board with no need for first aid, we continued on to the port. With a science and sailing class underway, the shipmates are getting to be seasoned sailors, no one booting with being down below. After we tied up alongside the M/Y A, yep, just A, probably one of the weirdest boats you’ll ever see, we had some time ashore to stock up on Gelato and then headed off to bed. An early day beckons tomorrow with a day trip into Roma.