Location: Island of Elba

We started the day early with diving once again; the open water divers had to finish up the skills section. The others aboard got a much deserved rest. Some of us are still struggling with the concept of breathing underwater, but for the most part everything went smoothly. We practiced swimming without our masks and then replacing them underwater, taking our equipment on and off under the surface, and generally just swimming around. After lunch we went into the peaceful town of Porte Azzure, either to take a hike into the hills or just sit in the town square and relax. The density of Gelato cafes in the town was particularly high, so we sampled several. The picture shows Alex after she made it to the top of the hill. She was very eager to hike now that she has been cleared from the concussion she got before coming to Argo. After dinner we got to hear a few of Jim’s sailing stories and watch an inspirational movie, but soon after we went to bed due to the five o’clock sail we would be taking toward Rome in the morning.