Location: Ladder Bay, Saba

Today was an amazing day, with some of us making it all the way to the top of Mt Scenery, which is the highest point in the Dutch empire. I was determined to make the summit, and after about a thousand steps, some hectic mud pits, and some thick vegetation, I managed to make the peak. Once at the summit, the cool breeze cooled me down so that I could take in all the breathtaking views from the top. I made my way down towards the other side of town and got some lunch with Brendan. We met up with the others that had just come from Joe Beans, who taught them how to make glass beads, and everyone had a turn to make their own cool bead necklaces. Getting back to Ocean Star was an adventure in itself, with us having to wade into the surf so that Simon could pick us up with the dinghy. Once we were all back aboard, we made ready to sail back home to the BVI’s. With the conditions favoring sailing, we headed out into the night.