Location: Ladder Bay, Saba

I awoke this morning to the winds howling across the deck. Even though we were moored, the boat felt like it was underway as it rocked and rolled in the swell. The wind was a welcomed relief from the usual hot Caribbean air. We left Ocean Star at around 9 to go on a couple of dives with Saba Deep Divers. The first dive was a wall dive, and the second was a Reef dive. During the surface interval, many of us dined at a small restaurant above the dive school. While we were ashore, Safety Dan arrived back victorious wielding his Yacht master Offshore Certification. On the reef dive, I spotted a Nurse Shark under an overhang in the coral. The rest of the afternoon was free time aboard Ocean Star, during which most of us worked on our final projects and studied for the upcoming final exams. After dinner, we have an oceanography quiz and a scheduling meeting. Tonight I am sure that we will all sleep well in apprehension for tomorrow’s hike up Mount Scenery. With Saba’s steep topographical features and dramatic landscape, I am sure that the hike will pose a challenge.