Location: Grenada

You know you’re having the time of your life when looking back at the past weeks, it’s difficult to decide whether you’ve been there for fifteen minutes or a whole lifetime. Today was the 20thday of our 80-day voyage, and it’s hard to believe that a quarter of our trip is already behind us. Taking a moment to account for all that we’ve already learned and how well I know my shipmates in such a brief space of time, it’s incredibly exciting while also being a tad distressing to think it’s all slipped by so fast. Today was definitely one of the most incredible days in all of our travels, and you can’t help but believe that it can only get better from here.

Our day began with a hike up Mount Qua Qua, a beautiful trail of red clay that climbed a ridge, the jungle of Grenada on all sides. The views were incredible the entire way to the peak, sharp hills rising up from the sea on our left and stretching out towards the horizon on the right, all of it covered in a blanket of lush greenery. We made it up and down in nearly half the time we were expected to, everyone thankful for a chance to stretch our legs.

Our second hike was to the Seven Sisters Falls (thankfully all downhill, since cardio wasn’t turning out to be our group’s forte), which I immediately realized was one of the most incredible natural places I have ever had the opportunity to explore. Warren, a local whose love for adventure has manifested in his job of leading groups up and down the waterfalls, guided us up a steep climb to a series of waterfalls and pools we jumped and swam through. The last fall was 35 feet tall, and everyone managed to conquer whatever fear they may have had and made the leap (some of us twice). The cool, sweet, fresh water of the pools combined with the soft shade of light filtered through the canopy of the jungle was both invigorating and incredibly peaceful. It made it feel like we could have gone back to the time of dinosaurs, or maybe a hundred years in the future, and this place would still have retained its feeling of pure, wild beauty. I know that everyone was struck by how special of a place Seven Sisters was and that it only added to our love for the beautiful island of Grenada.

Today was unforgettable, thanks to both to this place and the wonderful people that jumped and swam and walked up mountains beside me, and an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness is all I am left with at the end of our 20th day. It feels good to be exhausted and knows that I can come home to my bed here on Ocean Star and spend the rest of such a terrific day with such lovely people and know that there are 60 more of these days to come.