Location: Grenada

We began our day just like any other, but by the end of it, we had made many memories, and all came a little closer. It started off with a normal breakfast and class down in the Saloon. We left for the beach later that morning and would not be back until late that night. When we first hit the island of Grenada, we spent a few hours relaxing on the beach as we all took turns racing Hobicats on our own makeshift racecourse. Using what we learned in our MTE classes, we were able to navigate the course efficiently and effectively while having a great time.
Once we finished on the beach, we all tried our luck with Grenada’s public transportation and headed into the town of Saint George for some well-needed free time. We moved as a group and found some local tour guides to show us the city. A few were very interested in the local art while others were just happy getting some Internet. We were all able to taste the unique local food and get a first-hand look at the culture. A few of the staff also went provisioning and stocked up on food for us to eat over the next week and a half, which is always an adventure.
When we all met back together, we were happy and full of food. We made our way to a local community center where we were supposed to watch a local folk dance company called Veni Vwai La Grenade practice. We ended up doing very little watching as the group embraced us all and had everyone come up on stage. While many of us were far from professionals, we all had fun sweating and attempting some local dance moves. The session was capped off by getting the dance group involved in one of our daily squeezes. By the time the group returned to the boat, we were all exhausted but in agreement that Grenada is a very special place.