Location: Grenada

As peaceful as it is to be surrounded by 6,000+ feet of ocean in every direction, we were all thrilled at the sight of land after a three-day passage. We’ve spent the past 68 hours sailing a grand total of 358 miles and reached Grenada around lunchtime today. The island is big and absolutely beautiful, the sides of the mountains scattered with quaint houses that we all agree, look like a little village in Italy. Needless to say, we’re eagerly awaiting shore time tomorrow and can’t wait to explore the island of Grenada. After we arrived today, we spent the afternoon doing boat appreciation – basically cleaning all the salt off Ocean Star, washing the deck, and rust busting the hull. We also got to put fresh sheets on our beds today and cannot wait to sleep in clean beds tonight. We ended our night with delicious macaroni and cheese; a debrief of our passage and the most beautiful orange sunset. We have Oceanography class tonight, but after that, I know everybody will crash within seconds of hitting their pillows. Good night from Ocean Star!