Location: Underway to Grenada

After a slow day of no wind or engine, things took a turn for the better as we cruised through the Caribbean Sea. The day started with a mix of cereal to fill our stomachs before a long day of sailing. After an easy morning, we had a Student Leadership Development class after lunch. Ben and Nick had us do a whiteboard picture activity that helped us identify our meaning of leadership through pictures and sayings.
Dinner lifted everyone into high spirits with big fat juicy burritos and a squeeze afterward. For those still in the dark about what the squeeze is, our group gets in a big circle and holds hands, and the skipper of the day asks a question that we all go around and answer, squeezing the hand of the person next to us to pass it along. Tonight’s questions were if you had a restaurant, what would it be called and what would you serve, and I think that several of our shipmates should follow through with the ideas they came up with.
It was an early night for some and a late night for others due to watch, but as always, we managed well and kept the boat sailing fast. We are excited about waking up to a view of our next island in the morning – Grenada.