Location: Tobago Cays, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Today was a great day. All of us started out with a normal wake-up at seven and breakfast around 7:30. Directly after cleaning up from breakfast, we went into the salon and took our International Crew Sail seamanship test with Carolyn (35 multiple choice questions about sailing and responses to different situations). Following that, we had an Oceanography class with Amanda. We got together in our groups for our upcoming group research projects and discussed different hypotheses and materials needed for our assignments. After spending a bit of time with our groups, we had study time to prepare for the marine biology test tomorrow. Then we had lunch, which was quesadillas (they were amazing).

After enjoying lunch, we had marine biology, learning about turtles and seagrass, which was super cool. Once we finished the lesson, we all went snorkeling to look for turtles. Some people saw them, and some didn’t 🙁 But other people saw an octopus and a bunch of adorable baby squid. After snorkeling, though, we took fast showers and got ready as quickly as possible so that we could go for our night on shore to celebrate Captain Carolyn’s birthday (one day late)! There was lobster, veggies, rice, and plantains at the delicious dinner. Near the beach, there were so many hermit crabs that you had to watch your step. We even found a nest of them with about 30-40 of them, all cuddled up in a tree root, which was a sight to see. As usual, we have fun here on Ocean Star 🙂

Ridge L.

Pictured: Carolyn, Amanda, and Amy just hangin’ around; Amanda, Miranda, Amy, Jill, and Carolyn; Miranda and Jill; beautiful sunset views; everyone excited for the BBQ dinner; delicious lobster; hermit crabs galore; a polaroid of Brit and Steffen from the beach.