Location: 20 29.37'S 162 51.98'W

Day two of our six-day passage has come and gone without incident. Overall, it has been a calm day without too much going on. That being said, every day on Argo is extraordinary in its own sense. We are sailing hundreds of miles at a time between spectacularly beautiful islands, an opportunity not many people are given. Since leaving Rarotonga yesterday afternoon, we’ve traveled over 180 nautical miles. We are a long way from anything, which can seem spooky but is also incredibly peaceful. We are alone out here, but don’t worry; we still have a small piece of our sanity. We are slowly falling back into the habit of passage life, with a two or four-hour watch broken by six to eight hours of sleep. Apparently, staying awake with the rocking of the boat and opening and closing the watertight doors will become less of a challenge soon (I look forward to getting used to this). The only times the whole group of us are together are during mealtimes (lunch and dinner- breakfast underway are to serve yourself cereal), and classes (today we had Oceanography). We also began our Emergency First Responder class, which the entire boat is taking. While the winds have calmed down considerably (we’ve been motoring since before I started my watch at eight this morning), the rocking is persistent. Most of us have gotten over the feeling of seasickness by now, and hopefully, those feeling a bit nauseous now, feel better by morning. The cooler temperatures we’ve been feeling the past few nights have continued. By “cool,” I mean somewhere around seventy degrees (plus wind chill!), but it’s all relative. This led to very fast underway showers since both the salt and freshwater rinses were cold, and the sun was not bright enough to dry and warm us as fast as we would have liked. We enjoyed another beautiful ocean sunset, and some of us saw the elusive green “flash” (more like a small reflection). I am hoping that the skies will be clear tonight and we can enjoy the stars.