Location: Fiji

Hello all, my name is Justin, and you probably will only recognize me as the guy with the messy bun. Despite the majority of those reading the blog not knowing many of the other students, we all are getting the opportunity to form some incredible bonds with each other. I already have seen an abundance of growth in trust between the individuals living on this vessel together, and it warms my heart to be able to be a part of this. It hasn’t even been 20 days on this trip, and personally, I feel as though I’ve acquired a sense of belonging on this crazy venture. Everyone around me has been compassionate and caring in the times that one of us may have needed it.

Anyway, the journey to Palau is starting soon, and the nervousness and excitement are palpable in the air among everyone (everyone who isn’t already a sailor, that is). Those who are ready to have the thickness of their skin tested by the sea are idly curious to see what is to come. Though passage may drain many of us, we are all in high spirits and willing to help each other should the moment arise. We leave from the place where we had arrived, Denarau Marina in Nadi, Fiji. This little port has been cherished thoroughly for its showers, laundromats, and convenience stores, but sadly we will be leaving these luxuries behind. We, as a crew and the staff, celebrated with a night out and got our last taste of restaurant food for the next three weeks.

Though my time as skipper for the day didn’t exactly bring me anything exciting to write about, the time we all have had has been something that will never be forgotten. The opportunity to be a part of this voyage was something that was once in a lifetime. To be continued, skipper Justin signing off. (Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies!)