Location: Palau

Today was the final day of our three group rotations between activities. I can happily report that all three groups saw manta rays on their dives! Once again, the chill on Argo group got to go ashore, which is always fun for everybody, especially going to the store. Today I was in the kayaking group, so I have a little more to say about that. For the tour, we began with a short paddle out to one of the rock islands, where our guide, TJ, taught us how the rock islands formed and that they were once coral many years ago when the water level was higher. We continued paddling through the rock islands to our first beautiful snorkel spot. The tour’s highlight for me was snorkeling in the marine lake we went to next because of the unbelievably bright, neon corals. Also, it was really fun to watch everybody having fun with the purple zinc. After lunch, we crossed to another island and went for a short hike where we saw some land crabs, climbed into a hole in a big tree, and got a little cut-up, of course. We then did our final snorkel before the interesting experience of watching TJ squeeze a sea cucumber in half. Finally, we did our 45-minute paddle back to the Paddling Palau building.
Today we got a new job wheel with everybody on Argo on it, which means we now have a bread maker, and the students will also be rotating through head chef. For our first student-led meal, Justin made delicious pizza with the help of his many sous chefs and helpers, as well as bread maker Matt. It sounded like everyone had a great day once again, judging from the stories and excitement that was shared once everyone had returned to the boat.

Justin, Sydnei, Chris, Ian, Rykleigh, Lucia, Chloe, Amanda C., D, and TJ kayaking past Argo
Chloe, Rykleigh, Ian, and Sydnei with zinc face painting
D and Vivian in a tree hole
Chris, Lucia, Rykleigh, and Sydnei walking through the rock island jungle
Justin with his pizza dinner