Location: Rosea, Dominica

It was a busy day aboard Ocean Star. Unfortunately all of the hard work moving the vessel in preparation for diving yesterday was wasted. The current shifted in the morning causing the stern of the vessel to swingaway from the dive site, which meant that we had to get the dinghies in the water anyway. It was a fantastic dive regardless, and it gave us the opportunity to see a great number of sponges, anemone and other marine life. Some students went on the dive just for fun, but a couple of students needed to gather some data for their research project. Abby and Anastasia set up a transect and surveyed the wreck for marine life. It looked like a really fun project. After we had recovered all of the divers, we threw up our sails in record time and made way for Dominica. We managed to beat the fall crew’s record of 10min 42sec and came in at a whopping 8min and 25sec. Eric and Ian said that they had never seen it done so quickly. We made our way out of the lee of Martinique, and entered the Dominica Channel, which officially separates the Windward Islands from the Leeward Islands. The wind condition allowed us to throw up the jib, and we cruised along at a happy 8kts all they way to Dominica. Right as we crossed into the lee of Dominica, the wind died immediately. The tall mountains that abut the coastline make for an impenetrable windshield that becalmed the water almost as fast as the wind. We motored the last little bit of the way to Sea Kat’s mooring where we tied up for the night. We will be getting a good night’s sleep tonight because tomorrow we hike to the Boiling Lake!