Location: Avatui, Rarotonga

As the sun rose over the horizon this morning, the beautiful island of Rarotonga was spotted just off the port bow. The island of Rarotonga is our first stop outside French Polynesia and just a mere 540 nautical miles away from Bora Bora. After three days of sailing and a little bit of motoring, we arrived at our destination. Once secured to the dock and the engine was shut down, the crew of Argo went into full-out cleaning mode. With people scrubbing every nook and cranny reachable, Argo began to shine. The hull was washed and waxed, the deck scrubbed and polished, the fridges emptied and cleaned, and even the heads (aka the bathrooms) got some extra loving and were greased. Now, as we sit down to dinner, we’ve lost track of the number of people that have stopped by to admire and ask questions about our lovely ship and the hardworking crew of S/Y Argo.