Location: Deshaies, Guadeloupe

We woke up this morning in a rather windy bay just outside of Deshaies, in the Basse-Terre of Guadeloupe. Scott and JB cooked us a solid egg breakfast (Picture 1), with help from Cayley, of course, for cracking the shells (Picture 2). After cleanup, which consisted of our deckies Andrea, Dana, and Casey, thoroughly scrubbing the deck (Picture 3), we split into several different groups. Some of us stayed on the boat to study with the nerd of the day, Tyler (Picture 4), while others went to shore to search for wifi cafes. A third group, consisting of Nick, Emma, Momo, and myself, decided to venture out into the mainland and took a bus to Point–Pitre. It was a very enjoyable ride, with plenty of legroom and scenic views of the coast. We had a savory lunch at an Italian pasta joint (Picture 5), located in one of the nicer and more modern malls we’ve seen to date (Picture 6). We took the same route on the return trip but encountered quite a different bus, one filled with Guadeloupans returning home from work! (Pictures 7 & 8 & 9) We made the best of the squeeze and hustled back to the boat for Mike’s SLD project, during which time we learned to tie various different knots (Picture 10). After a rare dinner in the salon (Picture 11), we were graced with a false alarm (Picture 12). A fun day, to say the least!