Location: Outside Darwin, Australia

Note to self: waking up 25 jet-lagged strangers at 7 am isn’t going to win any popularity points…but fresh biscuits sure will. It’s only been a day since we boarded Argo, but successfully pumping the heads and taking salty showers while underway has everyone feeling like true sailors (even if the sails don’t go up until tomorrow!). After the early wake up we spent the morning learning the ins and outs of our new home and preparing to pick up the anchor. We motored to the dock where we were greeted by customs officers (and a very funny five-year-old/ship cheerleader) and then said goodbye to Australia and turned our bow towards Tiwi. I think that excitement has beaten out any remaining travel tiredness because the rest of the afternoon was full of smiles watching each other experiment with the best way to keep balance on a soapy rocking deck and coming up with an answer to the squeeze question, “if you could be a combination of any two animals what would it be?” The winner is either ‘Selena Gomez and a Dolphin’ by Nick P. or a ‘whale and an ant’ by Alexander. It’s nearly 8 pm now, and the ship is humming along to the sound of washing dishes and the Beatles as we clean up before an academic debrief..because we could all use a reminder that somehow this is still school:)

Sending lots of love and gratitude home. Stay tuned for news of tomorrow’s adventure!