Location: Bathurst Island, Tiwi, Australia

The day started underway as we set our course to the Tiwi Islands. Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, was composed of cold yogurts, granola, and cereal. We had a bird (Steve) take a rest on Argo and join us for the duration of our cruise; he was the center of attention all morning as he was very cute and “fluffy.” We also had our first Seamanship and Marine Biology classes today, as well as the DMT class for a handful of us. On deck, we learned how to sweat, ease, tie off, and coil lines. Simon played the role of the weight as we hoisted him up and down the lines. It is still hot and sticky, but nothing makes up for it like a saltwater shower on deck and a hearty dinner of pork, broccoli, mashed potatoes, gravy, etc. After getting to know my crewmates better, I asked the squeeze question: “Where is your favorite place you have traveled to”? It is so amazing to hear about all the far corners of the earth. Everyone has been too, truly amazing places, truly amazing people. We are all excited to go ashore tomorrow to meet and learn about the indigenous peoples of Tiwi and hopefully take advantage of their swimming pool.

Shoutout to all the parents for letting us go on this amazing trip. See you tomorrow!