Location: Bathurst Island, Tiwi, Australia

Greetings Blog Viewers-

Today was quite a day here on ship Argo. We started our morning with some lovely homemade banana bread made by Eric (personally my favorite meal on the boat thus far) and some wonderful tunes to go along with our breakfast- provided by yours truly. After our lovely meal, we were assigned watch teams for our upcoming passage to Kupang, Indonesia. The three groups split up and learned their responsibilities that would need to be taken if something were to go wrong while sailing. This includes man overboard, boat fire, etc. (don’t worry, we don’t plan on this happening, but it’s best to be prepared). In the early afternoon, we had some lovely Tiwi Island officials come aboard and check out what we do here on Argo. They were given a full tour of our beautiful vessel and then gave us the pleasure of visiting their island. For those viewers that are unaware, Tiwi Island, an Australian Aboriginal territory, requires a permit to visit, and it was quite a big deal for all of us to visit the wonderful island. When on the island, the locals invited us to go to their recreation center, where all of us played basketball and Aussie-rules football with the local kids. Many of the children enjoyed playing with our iPhones, cameras, and hair instead. We all had such a wonderful time with the Tiwi kids that they even gave us one of their footballs to take home! After we had a great dinner made by Lindsay, rice, and chicken curry (delish!). Overall I’ve been pretty satisfied with the food I’ve consumed on Argo today. However, the heat has been quite an issue. But don’t worry too much-worried moms’- I’ve been making sure that all of your sailors have been putting on tons of SPF today!! Tonight we are preparing the ship for our three-day passage, which should be quite the adventure. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on our future travels!

-R-dog signing out