Location: Wells Bay, Saba

Kylie is MIA, so Clara and Sara are sneaking on in the middle of the night to write the blog for her.

Today was most interesting. Kylie ripped us out of bed ruthlessly by tearing off our sheets, an action that did not match her gentle disposition.

Doron made a Passover breakfast, which was accompanied by a lovely story about Moses throwing bread (and this bread was hard) at his captors. We softened Doron’s bread with Doron’s sauce, a compote of apples, pecans, and syrup.
We had boatloads of classes today and a fascinating EFR surprise. We sweated through Leadership and Marine Biology, sustaining our aching bodies with facts about fishes and the Indigenous populations of the Caribbean.

During our midday shower, we were assaulted by inappropriate jellyfish that stung our butts. It was horrible! But the water was the perfect temperature.

Doron made thrice baked potatoes and another special sauce – this man will be known for his sauces – of mushrooms and creams.

After clean up, we had a rude awakening – I, Clara, ascended from the Saloon to find Sam crushed by a lifeless dummy and Heather curled in a ball, sobbing beside her. Although I tried to claim I was not ready to handle this EFR situation – my pleas could not quash Sam’s screams. Soon, the whole crew arrived to practice their EFR skills in this triple-threat scenario. Sara performed 20 minutes of CPR on Zeke, the dummy, while Doron provided the rescue breaths after 30 pumps. Griffin and ML administered Heather, who had “anaphylactic shock” However, someway somehow, Heather wound up crawling through the window of the chart house. Jack assuaged Sam’s screams with his impeccable conversation skills and brutal honesty (poor Sam).

Meanwhile, downstairs, Clara stumbled upon the writhing Grace, who had apparently broken her hip after falling from the companionway. Her acting skills were sharp. So sharp that she ended up fooling the staff themselves, who ended the training and ushered us all to the Cockpit to tend to Grace. Turns out we all got a little extra practice with our EFR skills.

After a brisk jellyfish full swim – half of us started Boat to Bed while the other 50 percent (look at us using synonyms!) attended Seamanship. We put a couple of sail covers on backward and ended up forgetting to tie on the Jib cover, but all in all, it was a success.

Seamanship was a breeze, and we are ready for the exam and all the other 80 exams we have in the impending days. Our long day was rewarded by the lovely surprise of shore time tomorrow (it’s been on the schedule for days now, we just never check it…what island are we on again?)

Okay – the blog is done – now we can go back to being menaces. Sara and Clara (yes, we are referring to ourselves in the third person) have a little tale to tell, but you, dear reader, will have to piece together the hidden message yourself.
Here is your first clue: Hotel Echo Lima Papa
(Hi, Sam here. Once again, everyone is safe and having a ball. No real help is needed. At least not at this time…)