Location: 18 30.74'S 173 53.07'W

This morning my day started at 12am. Watch team 2 (the best watch team) had a beautiful cloudy night that was illuminated by a nearly full moon. The 4 hours we had went by very fast, they are going by faster every day we are together. Around 8 am we had an underway breakfast of cereal and oatmeal and saw our destination for the first time after 6 days at sea! Our watch team leader made us a delicious lunch of corn chowder and bread rolls, which I may have had 3 servings of. Around 1 all of the crew gathered in the salon and took our Seamanship midterm. The exam was followed by an Oceanography class and then much needed deck showers where the sun finally came out! We had a nice lazy day on Argo and after dinner most of us sat down and played an hour of cards and chess in the salon. We have gotten to the point in the trip where we are starting to miss things from back home, like couches and… well mostly couches. Everyone is still doing great and loving life down here in the South Pacific. Also we just passed the International Date Line! I can now talk about the 7th day of July in 2017 that I did not live, this is awesome.

P.S. Hello family!! I’m still safe and well! hoping all is well back home and missing you all!
-Michael Ludwig