Location: St. Barths

We finally arrived after a night sailing through the vast seas and anchored in St. Barths at noon. We started the long process of getting the ship port ready: taking all sails down, fixing anything that had been tossed during the voyage, and honestly getting back to a normal state of mind. The afternoon was filled with adventure as we explored the native island… Turns out, the people here are French. In every way. We wandered around and found a local hangout spot by Shell Beach and witnessed some cultural differences. One thing the crew noticed is that the rocking the sea doesn’t stop once you arrive safely on land… We’ll have to gain our land legs back another time. Once we were done exploring, we headed back to the mothership, Ocean Star, and enjoyed a meal cooked aboard. The rest of the night was spent relaxing and the Seamester group had great moments of bonding and funny inside jokes pertaining to Old Gregg. “What are you doing in MY waters….”