Location: Pigeon, Guadeloupe

Due to me forgetting I was skipper today, I didn’t have an alarm set. Thankfully, Sammy woke me up in time for wakeups. Typically, people play well-known radio songs. Rocco Imbrogno, on the contrary, plays the NFL by CBS as loud as his speaker can play it. I then rotated from various shows’ theme songs and stayed for a bit when I got to Phineas and Ferb. After we ate, we transitioned into a Marine Biology Test. After easily the highlight of my day, we went straight into Nav Master review. We have our first go at the real test this Wednesday. The downtime between class and lunch was actually the highlight of my day. (Sorry Big Ben.) Jack and I played panna for a good half hour right before we finished making our St. Barths leadership presentation. I Lost 4 to 2.
After lunch cleanup, we all set up kits and made our way over to the Pigeon Island dive site. Besides my goggles fogging up like crazy, the dive was amazing. There was a Jacque Cousteau statue underwater which we all circled around for a good bit. Big Ben and Kackie took their fins off underwater, and Jack and I did flips. We then made it back to the boat and had downtime for the rest of the evening. That was until the task of stitching the main came about. Petit Ben and I had a great conversation while we stitched up the main together.
Then, all we had to do was watch the sun set beyond Pigeon Island. I know I normally write more, but I have to go shower now.

Music Recommendation Section:

Hey Joe: By Lee Jones
Na Boca do Sol: By Arthur Verocai
Gitchee Gitchee Goo: By Phineas and the Ferbtones
Laika: Finlay James
So In Love: Curtis Mayfield