Location: Antigua

After many long days and nights spent at sea, we have finally arrived in Antigua. 3,100 nautical miles later, I am proud to say that we have crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Not only did we successfully pass without a hitch, but we did it almost entirely under sail, at the mercy of mother nature’s ever-changing winds. As we approached Antigua, one of our staff members, Smash, pointed out the Pillars of Hercules to us. About a mile out, we began putting our sails down, stowing all of our stuff and prepared to dock. Once we were all good and docked, we started a giant post-Atlantic BA (boat appreciation), cleaning all of the salt off the deck, opening up hatches, and airing out the below-decks. We knocked out that BA was quick because everyone was itching to get back on solid land after three weeks of rocking. We got about 2 hours to explore the island and came back on board to a wonderful bacon cheeseburger dinner accompanied by lots of salad and fresh vegetables. We will all sleep soundly in our bunks tonight with no rocking of the boat; no 3:30 am wakeups for watch and the knowledge that as a team, we crossed the vast Atlantic.

Pictured: Several views of the island of Antigua as we drew near; Sydney up on the main boom finishing flaking the sail; Dan, Oleg, and several of the crew all flaking the mainsail as we prepared to enter the port in Antigua.

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