Location: Underway to Antigua

A crisp breeze whisked us to Antigua at a steady five knots. The mighty Atlantic crossing was drawing to a close. It’s these final days where the crew has met it’s most lucid state – three months away from home and three weeks on the high seas has a way of changing your perspective. Waking up for a night watch under the stars feels more like a blessing than a curse. Going on deck without a floatation device feels as wrong as being naked in public. Bracing yourself against the nearest solid object at all times is a little routine. The view from the deck is an empty horizon, the clouds that hang above it, and nothing more. Nobody warned us of the delirium, however. You will never laugh so hard at such trivial matters as when you’ve been isolated from society for so long. Our entertainment lies in our conversations; alone time is a lost art. Sleep is a luxury. Laughter is a necessity. Tomorrow, when the sun rises, we will see land, and we will rejoice. But God knows, deep down, a little part of us will miss the novel way we lived, our accomplishments, and the friendships we’ve fostered. Maybe in a couple of years, we’ll all have a little moment of yearning back to this time we spent together. I know I will.

Pictured: Natalie and Emmalee making dessert for the crew for dinner – Dan cutting onions while making dinner – The friendly swallow that accompanied Argo today.

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