Location: Underway to Antigua (that's right, Antigua!)

Today was like any other day on the crossing. We wake up, eat lunch, do classes, shower, eat dinner, and go to bed. Thanks to our wonderful head chef, Claire, and her sous chefs, Jackie and CJ, we had an amazing sweet potato casserole along with spinach risotto for lunch. Dinner was fabulous chicken parmesan. There was also bread made by our bread-obsessed and determined bread maker, Cole. Hes been making bread for three days in a row now. This was his best bread yet, but I somehow doubt hell stop there. Hes perfected getting the bread to look golden, too, which is probably just encouraging him to keep making more. Nobody seems to mind that hes taken over this role, though.

I am incredibly excited to announce that we are officially less than 48 hours from shore!! There has, however, been a slight change of plan. Instead of going to Dominica, we will be going straight to Antigua. We all were aware that plans could change at a moments notice, so we are not disappointed, but it now gives us each a reason to come back to explore Dominica later. Everyone is ecstatic to know that we are less than two days away from land. That means two days until we can call our families, two days until we arent rocking side-to-side, two days until we can have fresh fruit and buy snacks again. Were almost there.

Day 73: Peter and Dana are still speaking Spanish to each other. Christmas music is starting to be played. Were all homesick and excited to have some contact with the outside world, though we enjoy our little Argo bubble.

To my family: I miss you all, and I cant wait to talk to yall again in less than 48 hours. Dan has been teaching me celestial navigation, but it’s more math than anything else, and you know how much I like math. He let me test out the sextant the other day, too! Im learning some of the stars, so Ill show you guys what I know when I get home. I love you.

Pictured: Cole with some of his bread. Emmalee and Ben were competing in a plank competition. Ben made it to 4 minutes before giving in.

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