Location: Underway to Dominica

The 18 days at sea have seemed to all mash together, but today was a special one because we are nearing the end, the home stretch, of our long voyage. We woke up to a lunch of flatbread sandwiches and fries made by Cole, Lex, and Ev. The lunch was accompanied by the best homemade bread we have had so far, made by Dan. After lunch, we had our third marine bio exam with Amy. Then we had our first CPR class with Tina, who dropped some serious knowledge as well as entertaining medical stories. We are looking forward to completing our Emergency First Responder certification next week. After classes, everyone spent some time hanging out and watching movies to relax from all the studying that took place over the last couple of days. We also had deck showers this afternoon. We can tell we are getting close to the Caribbean because the weather is getting hotter, so we find the showers refreshing now instead of brisk and chilly like early in the crossing. Everyone’s spirits were high at dinner tonight because of the tasty shepherd’s pie and due to the increasing number of boats we are seeing and the low flying planes heading in the same direction we are. We have discussed recently that those planes take mere hours to go the same distance we have sailed in the past few weeks, but we all agree that we would not trade our crossing for any other type of travel. We are continuing to follow the routine of our watches while we count down the miles until Dominica.

Pictured: Glowy evening sky after the sunset; Dana and James rescuing Dan’s runaway phone after it fell in the bilge; Emmalee, Amanda, and Jackie relaxing on the deck.

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