Location: Underway to Dominica

For some of us, the day started at midnight; for others, it was noon. Life on the boat has become a string of days blended by the fact that we have all become semi-nocturnal. At any given moment, at least nine people are awake somewhere on the boat, continually piloting her safely to Dominica.

Wake-ups and lunch were the same. Sleepy faces followed by tasty filling meals and announcements about the day. The first class we had was seamanship, where we are working towards our navigation master exam. We started this class learning how to plot our position based on GPS coordinates; now, we are plotting courses factoring for drift, distance, and speed based on dead reckoning and three bearing fixes. Complicated? Yes. Gratifying when it finally comes out, right? Oh yeah. It’s nice to feel like a real pirate moving around a worn chart with a pair of dividers in hand.

Our leadership class was also incredibly interesting today. We are working through a unit on communication. We have been focusing on the idea that different people have different ways of communicating with each other, and how this can lead to both problems and success in a workplace, community, or family. In class, we did an activity where cards were randomly strewn about our table. On one side was a personality trait; on the other was an element sign. We chose ten personality traits we believed suited us and then noted the elements that went along with them. Next, we grabbed handfuls and started passing them out to people we thought exemplified those traits. Once again, we looked at the element on the back and noted how it was similar or different from what we had chosen for ourselves. It was incredibly interesting to see if you were conveying the person you thought you were to others.

After classes, we took head showers and had some chill time before dinner. We ate in the cockpit as the sunset in front of us, munching on the best loaf of bread weve baked yet. If Coles parents are reading, he has a secret bread-making talent, and I suggest having him make a loaf when he gets home! At the squeeze, we reminisced about the good times weve had together since becoming a little boat family. Now we will be heading to bed knowing that in 423 short nautical miles, we will have crossed an entire ocean. Happy sailing, happy November, and a happy first birthday to Cole Brencher!

Pictured: Beautiful blue sky; dish pit cleaning all the dinner dishes (Dan, Emmalee, CJ, Aric, Tim); galley crew being goofy (Dana, Matt, Peter).

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