Location: Tonga

After five whole days of being underway, glorious Watch Team 2 finally saved the day and made landfall in Tonga. As the sun rose over the horizon, everyone worked together to lower the sails and get the boat successfully in the dock. While this passage was extremely fun and marked with numerous whale sightings, dead bird sightings, some good old watch team rivalry, and cross-team pranking, we were all happy to let the anchors down and plant our feet on (somewhat) solid ground. But most exciting of all was today’s breakfast – nothing beats the taste of cereal – not even Raul’s beloved boatmeal. Needless to say, waking up to the taste of sugary cereal warranted much excitement, especially after five days of reluctantly stuffing our faces with cardboard-like boatmeal.

After breakfast, we welcomed a couple of custom officials on board who gave us the go-ahead to enter the kingdom of Tonga (the only kingdom in the Southern Hemisphere). As the yellow quarantine flag was brought down, we moved away from the dock to anchor down in the middle of the water – even after five whole days of being surrounded by nothing but the blue ocean, the beauty of the water is still enough to leave us all in awe. The first day of anchorage was brought in by new, clean sheets and some much-beloved boat appreciation. Now that the boat was squeaky clean, we were treated to a lunch of chicken wraps and fruit. The rest of the afternoon was pretty relaxing, and many of us dove in for a swim despite the jellyfish surrounding us.

To end the day, we had an amazing dinner of mac and cheese (sorry to all the headmasters who’ll be cleaning up after us) followed by the squeeze. Once everyone is done with the post-dinner cleanup, we will move into Oceanography class with Amanda and learn some more about water. We love water. Yay!

Also, hi, mom, and dad. Yes, to answer your questions, I have indeed self-actualized and Maslow hierarchy-ised (?) after five days at sea. Also, don’t be fooled – I’m not getting any better at cleaning.


Pictured: Sunset after dinner; Emily and Anastacia really happy to be enjoying jump-in showers again; Anastacia swimming; the beautiful blue water at our anchorage in Tonga; Emily making a funny face.