Location: Underway to Tonga

We have been underway for five days! Yaaaaaay! Watch team 2 had an eventful watch while Raul and Rhea were sitting bow watch; a seagull landed on their feet, and it nearly scared Raul half to death to the point where Tim thought he fell overboard. Then with the watch change over, Kari decided to pull a prank on the next boat checkers by hiding in a bilge. Coral missed the bilge on her initial boat check, leaving Kari stuck in the bilge for an entire half-hour. But Frank came to the rescue and went to recheck the galley, finding Kari hiding in the bilge. She jumped out at him and heard Frank’s highest screech. It was a night full of screeches and shouts. Then Watch team 3 had a stellar watch from 4-8 this morning.

After lunch, we had a very thought-provoking leadership class with Shelby, where we discussed gender roles and how they have come to shape who we are today. It was very interesting to learn more about everyone on the boat. While the 80-day kids had marine biology, Shelby, Steph, Rhea and I were relaxing in the cockpit when suddenly Steph spotted a fish hooked to our fishing line. Everyone rushed up on deck to see the action and were treated to the sight of a giant Mahi Mahi (a fish so nice they named it twice) being chased by a reef shark of considerable size. Even though we lost the fish, no one was disappointed since the sight of the shark was enough to satiate all our marine appetites. That being said, chef Tim made sure that we were still treated to a fabulous dinner of Mie Goreng noodles.

In the midst of all the excitement, we managed to skip a whole day by crossing the International Date Line. It turns out; it’s tomorrow already. Even though a whole 24 hours might have slipped through our hands, Sam, Evan, and Raul started the new day with a new head of hair. Or should I say, no hair? Everyone took turns shaving their heads off the stern off the boat while the rest of us got clean with some deck showers. While everyone was getting rid of their hair, we were treated to a sighting of Captain Jack Sparrow’s thick head of hair, leaving all of us in awe of his beautiful locks and stylish boots. All in all, it was a very fun-filled activity day!

To everyone back at the ranch, I hope you were still enjoying yesterday. We’ll let you know what the future looks like.

Amanda, Ian, Shelby, and Steph in the cockpit;
James dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow;
Sam getting his head shaved by Henry with Panos, Danny, Ryan, and Garrison looking on;
Raul as a changed man after crossing the International Date Line;
Evan with his “old man” haircut before the finished product;
Evan, Sam, and Raul with their new haircuts.

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