Location: Underway to Tonga

What an amazing day on Argo again.

For us, the good people of watch teem 2; the day started at 4 am under a beautiful starlit sky. Watch team 1 (Amanda, James, Ryan, Garrison, Anastasia, Sam, and Maddie) had done a great job before us of keeping all of us safe while we slept. After briefing us on conditions and the route to follow, Ryan mentioned he had spotted 15 shooting stars. Kari and I took that as a challenge. On our first hour of bow watch, we spotted 17 meteorites entering and burning in the atmosphere. Panos, Danny, and Rhea maintained a perfect course at the helm while Raul, Lucy, and Kari made sure to take care of boat check, and Tim oversaw the team with care and fun. By the time the sun slowly rose, thanks to Lucy’s help, we had spotted over 40 shooting stars. We shared a beautiful orange sunrise with the good people of watch team 3 (Steph, Shelby, Coral, Cat, Evan, Henry, Frank, and Emily) that had come to relieve us.

The rest of the day was also beautiful and warm. We enjoyed the good food prepared for us by the rocking cooking team, Sam, Garrison, and Anastacia. After lunch, students had an Oceanography lecture with Amanda about salinity and characteristics of seawater. It was followed by a seamanship class led by Tim. The class started in the cockpit with Knot-lympics, where students reviewed the bowline, sheet bend, clove hitch, and many other important sailing knots. I really enjoyed watching the knots progress while being at the helm. I am so proud of how eager they are to learn new things. The class kept going in the salon with a review of the ICC exam.

But it doesn’t end here. Later in the afternoon, thanks to Daniel’s 360 vision, he manages to spot a whale spray of water quite far from the ship. We then kept a closer look. When the whale came closer, we were ready for it. It was a fin whale that showed us her back 30 meters from the ship.

Pictured: Pic 1: Sam, Panos, Frank, Henry, James, Garrison, Margaux during knot-lympics; Pic 2: Danny, Coral, Rhea, Emily, and Anastacia; Pic 3: The rocking cooking team, Garrison, Anastacia, Henry, and head chef Sam.

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