Location: Underway to Tonga

We have been underway for just a few days, and the routine of passage living has finally fully set in with the whole crew. Morale is high, clumsiness has (mostly) disappeared, and everyone does their jobs with ease. Today, we woke up to a calmer sea state and sunny skies, making everyone’s moods go up even more. Though underway, life is mostly routine-based and predictable, a few things of notice happened. During our morning watch, all was calm and uneventful as we enjoyed some of Tim’s Tim Tams (For the uninitiated, they are a chocolate snack from Australia, and the fact that they belong to Tim and they’re called Tim Tams is simply a very happy coincidence). Suddenly, we saw Danny up at the bow jump with excitement as he spotted a moving patch of lighter colored water. We were lucky enough to see an adolescent whale swimming very close to us! The whale moved slowly along with Argo, and it calmly swam under our bowsprit as it changed direction to the depths at our starboard.

Watch Team Two had a thorough conversation regarding which animal is the apex species. It became a very heated debate due to the fact that a lot of good points were made; humans are the most technologically advanced, crocodiles are so strong that evolution has made them smaller throughout time, and certain microscopic invertebrates can even survive in space. All very well researched topics, but at the end of the hour-long discussion, we (and by we, I mean Raul, as I am the skipper and I have the final say in absolutely everything) determined that the apex species is actually the seagull. Seagulls are one of the few species that are able to fly, swim, and walk, making them absolutely dominate all sorts of terrain. Additionally, they are able to survive (and thrive!) by eating what’s essentially just trash, which is why they can be found virtually anywhere in the world. A fellow shipmate brought up the good point of “hey, what about a T-Rex. I’m sure they’re better.” But unfortunately, that is not the case. My answer to that question is another question: “How many T-Rex are alive today?” Boom, roasted.

Another important event that occurred today was what we now refer to as the “Sneak Attack Incident.” As Garrison was running his bow watch, Sam thought it would be funny to sneak up and scare him. Unfortunately (for Sam, but fortunately for everyone else’s laughter) Garrison has a very quick reaction time and razor-sharp defensive instincts, so he immediately (and allegedly, unconsciously) karate chopped Sam’s face right after he had creepily whispered: “What isssss uppp my duuuuude” in Garrison’s ear.

Finally, I am legally compelled to disclose a new trend that has taken this community by storm: Skies out, thighs out. With such beautiful weather surrounding us and pale thighs hiding under our shorts, we are unable to fight the need to light the beacons and show the world our pasty, hairy thighs. It has become so prevalent that all the men can be seen at one point or another rolling up their shorts at thigh level in hopes of getting some chrome added to our quadriceps. Even the cool, calm, and collected Panos was seen brandishing his hamstrings and setting them aflame with the Sun’s UV rays.

Cabin fever is not real, and we are *definitely* very sane. All of us. Especially our glorious skipper, Raul.

– Raul

Pictured: Watch Team 2 enjoying the beautiful weather; a Shelby selfie; shelfie; our glorious Skipper Raul.

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