Location: Underway to Tonga

Our first full day underway to Tonga, and the S/Y Argo crew is in good spirits. Morning watch teams encountered some squalls with cranking wind, but with a mentality to embrace the uncomfortable times and quality humor, we got through it. And it helps to remember that most sensations in life aren’t permanent. When I stub my toe on a D-ring, crash into the wall while taking a shower, or clip my finger in the engine room, I think of my good mate James, “Pain is only temporary.” When I dropped my food at dinner, and my well-organized burrito had transformed into mush on the ground, I thought, “Hunger is only temporary.” Or when I was sitting bow watch at the crack of dawn with a swell chap, Frank, and a brief storm whipped through, I thought, “Cold is only temporary.” The way I see it, it’s the sense of accomplishment and building of character traits (like resilience), which are far less temporary. It’s the polishing of our story-telling skills and development of time management, which will outlast a stubbed toe.

After our vegetable curry lunch, every student took the International Crew Sail exam. The consensus among other students was that we felt mostly prepared, but some questions had all of us scratching our heads. The last question read, “True or False: If you know bad weather is on the way, you should prepare sandwiches in advance.” I immediately thought to myself, “We never covered sandwich protocol!” But I thought back to all the times of troubles in my past and concluded a sandwich goes a long way in bad weather.

After the IYT Crew Sail exam for Seamanship, we had an Oceanography quiz. We have just finished the Geological unit with Amanda and are set to start the Chemical unit. The quiz went well for most of us as we answered about historical figures, plate tectonics, sediment types, and atoll formation. Although we had two classes in a row down below, where it is far easier to feel queasy, we were fortunate not to have a single crew member fall victim to seasickness. Generally, we are becoming more like sea warriors every daythe sunset during squeeze as our dinner tradition concluded. Everyone stated what they appreciated about the day, and I asked everyone to share one of their earliest memories. It’s pretty magnificent to see a gathering of 24 people sit patiently and listen to one another speak their minds. Tonight’s squeeze was especially remarkable given the health and perseverance of the group despite hurling wind and a rocking boat. Not a single member down.

Anyways, that’s it for us. Watch teams will continue to rotate throughout the night, and more bonding is on our horizon. It’s a blessing to be amongst such stellar company. Argo out.

Pictured: Kari and Danny working as gophers during pre-dinner setup; Rhea, Margaux, Tim, and Frank gathering food with a rainbow in the background; Maddie and Garrison enjoying a peaceful sunset bow watch together.

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