Location: St. George, Grenada

We’ve arrived in Grenada!
My day started promptly at 12:00 am with Watch Team 1’s three-hour watch shift. We spent the time conducting hourly boat checks, taking turns on bow watch, and helming S/Y Ocean Star. I spent an hour on the helm from 1-2, keeping us on course to Grenada. At 3:00 am, Watch Team 2 relieved us, and I collapsed into my bunk to sleep for my six hours off.
When I next woke, the sun had risen, and the seas were calm. Despite keeping an eye out for whales, we only spotted a few particularly active flying fish and two congregations of birds. All the Watch Teams did stellar jobs steering us towards Grenada and ensuring the schooner was running smoothly: we even ended up ahead of schedule. At noon, we all gathered for a delicious falafel lunch (courtesy of our chefs Zoe, Margeaux, and Kiara). Throughout the afternoon, we spent time on deck chatting, listening to music, keeping watch, and seeing Grenada rise ever closer in the distance. Will, Zoe, and Ben took turns strumming the ukelele. I attempted to learn, though I definitely need more practice.
We made great time throughout the day and began lowering the sails just before 6:00 pm, amidst a beautiful sunrise. When the anchor finally hit bottom in the harbor, we all celebrated our successful voyage – and immediately rushed to dinner (vegetarian chili: spectacular). We’re all incredibly happy with our successful passage, and now filling out customs forms, we can’t wait to see what Grenada has in store. We also can’t wait for our thirty-second hose showers this evening.

Picture 1: Julia takes the helm
Picture 2: Fun at the helm
Picture 3: Sophie poses at the helm
Picture 4: Rily and Mike have afternoon tea and cookies
Picture 5: The view off the bow
Picture 6: Kiara and Jodie hanging out on watch
Picture 7: Isa and Zoe on bow watch
Picture 8: Adelaide and Lenox after arrival in Grenada
Picture 9: Ben poses with Will, whose playing the ukelele
Picture 10: The view of Grenada after we set anchor