Location: Fortaleza, Brazil

It is strange that for the first time since leaving Cape Town over a month ago, the group is used to land again. The routine has become land-based, and almost everyone headed out immediately after breakfast to explore Fortaleza for a final time. Left onboard for a little while longer were Lexi, Zach, and Ben, who were undertaking their maritime law exam as they continue to aim for their 200T Master of Yachts licensing. Another sign of our recent land exploits is the change in menus. Headed up by Rachel today, a FRESH fruit and the sweet oatmeal concoction was our breakfast. I personally enjoy oatmeal more than most, but this was one of the best! Lunch becomes quiet onboard Argo during land time as typically; its only staff left onboard as everyone else is finding and tasting local delights. Dinner again was something completely new thanks to the efforts of our provisioners, and the fish fillets were delightful.
I’ve been unsure of what squeeze question to ask as part of my duty as the daily skipper and thinking of it for well over a week now. I had a couple of ideas, and due to the mood and moment, chose the reflective side once again. I told a short story about my own ‘growing-up,’ quoted Yoda’s fear-anger-hate-suffering synopsis of the ‘Dark Side’ and based the question on a line from one of my favorite movies, Coach Carter. As the evening drew in, Argo and the surrounding area became lit up by artificial light, and I asked, ‘what is your deepest fear?’ Responses focused on supporting loved ones, fulfilling opportunities and potential, good health, leaving a positive legacy, and those who had seen the film Coach Carter considered the troubled young mans answer in the movie. ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate; our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond all measure.’
Day 44 not only marks our last full day in Fortaleza but also our last day in the first half of the trip. We are soon to cross the equator and enter into Caribbean territory with only three more degrees of southern latitude to cover. Del and Lexi very theatrically shared their research on the equator crossing ceremony as part of their very well planned destination presentation this evening. Typically as one becomes a trusty Shellback from a Pollywog, they make a sacrifice to Neptune in a sailor’s fashion by cutting their hair. Although this is certainly a personal choice by each individual on Argo, many have been talking about this for weeks, and I myself will buzz down my hair to something much shorter than it is now.