Location: Underway to Rarotonga

After only two days at sea, there was still no land in sight. For most of the students who have been on the boat longer, this was no big deal. But for those of us who arrived only a week ago, the fantasies of home started to overtake our senses as we missed dry land. Even so, it’s amazing to see how each of the crew can grow and persevere despite our homesickness (and slight seasickness for some).

The large amount of responsibility each of the people on Argo hold is truly inspiring. Even when it’s the middle of the night, and we are half awake talking about pizzas, each of us is ready to help in an instant. Along with that, we support each other here. With some of us still getting our sea legs and stomachs, students and staff are ready to take up slack wherever needed. The infamous “low-side gang” has started to dwindle, and we are slowly getting the hang of this underway life. With each day we are out at sea, we might miss land a little more, but this boat becomes more our home, and the students and crew on it become closer together.

Pictured: Raul in the companionway; Henry handling the fire hose during a fire drill underway this afternoon.

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