Location: Underway to Rarotonga

Today was the first day since the beginning of the trip. We woke up and went to bed, only having seen the ocean. I thought it would be a far more surreal experience than it was, having some odd thought that being detached from land would yield immediate enlightenment, but in the end, it was really just a whole lot of water. I think the more enlightening or eye-opening portion of the trip is being detached from the modern and familiar lives we all have back home.
To be more specific, the days and nights were split up into four-hour watches. Some parts of the day continued as if we were still anchored, like class and meal time (excluding all the sliding around), but the majority of the day was spent in our watches or sleeping, which made the passage feel like a timeless limbo.

Despite the seasickness that some of us are experiencing and the unfamiliar motion of the deck beneath our feet, we are soldiering on with meals, class, cleanup, boat checks, and general life onboard. Days already seem to blend together, but we are enjoying the bonding time we are getting with our respective watch teams, no matter the day or night. One memorable quote from today: I no longer know days, I know only light and dark. James

Pictured: Maddie, Garrison, and Rhea on deck; Anastacia at the helm surrounded by some of watch teams 1 and 2; Frank, James, and Ryan in the cockpit.

Current position: