Location: Underway to Rarotonga

This morning, we woke up bright and early to begin our passage prep. We started off the day with some boatmeal, and afterwards we got started prepping Argo. This passage is most of the crew members first time spending a few days underway, and for the students who just joined us for the 66 day voyage it marked their very first passage on Argo! The whole crew was excited to get underway, so by around 9:30AM we had already finished passage prep and were ready to go. Although we were sad to leave stunning Bora Bora, we were definitely excited to sail and continue our adventure to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. We soon raised the main, the staysail, and the forward staysail, and Argo began to practically fly across the ocean- a few of the crew members even broke 11 knots at the helm. While in watch teams, we all got the chance to bond as a crew, sing along to music, and get some time in on the helm. As one of the students who has already been here for a few weeks, it was so great to see how much the crew had improved. The same tasks we had done during our first passage were now taking only half the time, and many of us seemed so much more comfortable with the sail handling. It was also fantastic to get to know our newer crew members better. Overall, it was a great start to our first major passage; we cant wait to see what comes next!

Pictured: Ruby at the helm; the “low side gang”

Current position: