Location: Bora Bora

Today started with a bacon, egg, and potato breakfast cooked by staff member Shelby and had some students pitch in to help. After breakfast, the crew readied themselves for a day ashore on Bora Bora. At 8:30, some of the students and staff members began to head out on the dinghies to shore while the dive master and open water students/ instructors stayed on Argo to complete a few required dives. The students began as one large group that made its way to a caf where they enjoyed some Wi-Fi along with a few snacks. Some time passed there before the group split up. One group made its way to the intercontinental hotel to hang around the pool and beach for the pick-up time at 4:30 while the other group took a taxi around the island. The island tour took the students to several different beaches as well as an old World War II cannon site where, from the vantage point, the eye could see several different islands miles away. At 4:30, the groups met at Bloody Marys restaurant to head back to Argo to shower and prepare for the group dinner at Bloody Marys later that night. Staff members Margaux and Amanda made it to shore with the students to eat their dinner at the famous restaurant. Outside the entrance stood two wooden boards with the names of many celebrities that had at some point in time, eaten at the restaurant. Danny was taking a look at some of the pictures tacked into the board and noticed a picture of a fishing boat he had once worked on in Panama. The menu items were displayed on ice in front of the grill. Students enjoyed many types of seafood, including the local parrotfish special. We remained at the restaurant for the remainder of the night and made way to Argo nearing 9:30. Today was a great way to spend our final day in French Polynesia and tomorrow we set sail for the island of Rarotonga.