Location: 17 42.05'S 165 55.43'E

I can’t believe we have started our final passage (of length) for this trip! In just one week, we will be arriving in our last country, Australia. It seems like just last week that a group of us lugged our bags from the wrong side of the Tahitian dock to find and move onto Argo. It is definitely bittersweet realizing that we’re in our final 20 days. But for now, I will be living in sweet denial that this trip has an end and embracing all the moments we have left. We started our passage late last night, leaving the Vanuatu harbor around 10 PM. We have once again gotten into the swing of passage life, with watch shifts, meals, and study (or nap depending on which night shift you had) time. My day began at lunch, due to our 12-4 am shift (aka the eat yourself awake because calories don’t exist watch), although apparently in the morning, there were what we thought were false killer whales spotted. After lunch, I was brutally murdered by Margret (D.) on the bow with a counter sponge. (Don’t worry dad, it’s just a game of assassin, I’m still alive!). We spent the early afternoon in classes, and for once, the sea was calm enough to look at the charts without feeling sick. The weather was beautiful today, and due to the heat of down below, I did not miss the warm water showers we’d had onshore but relished in the cold ocean water. We have entered another busy period in terms of classwork since a semester never has enough time to get everything we’d like to get done finished. I spent my afternoon working on schoolwork and then napping to prepare for tonights watch. Dinner was a hit with mac and cheese (and pasta with red sauce for those of us who do not eat dairy) and squash that is longer than a persons arm (which we may or may not have drawn a face on because it’s important to play with your food, see photo). Now it is time to go bond in ways that you can only do when alone in the middle of the ocean at obscene hours of the night, so check in tomorrow for more on life aboard Argo.