Location: VandA Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

After a late-night of writing cards, we struggled to wake up – until we heard that breakfast was blueberry pie, which was when everyone hurried up on deck to get their slice. After this, we were each given a section of Argo to focus on during BA. Some people focused on the deck (which now looks as good as new, btw). And some of us focused down below. It’s crazy seeing how spacey Argo is when all of our foulies and rubber boots and PFDs are not all over the place. Some people went to pick up lunch from Kauai, which was very much appreciated. This is the place where all of us go at least once a day to get smoothies – the staff even got accounts to gather points which made this lunch very convenient for Cooper, who got all the points from the food for all of us. He can now get a free smoothie. After lunch break, we finished scrubbing and packing and went to take showers. Then at 5, we met up for our last squeeze. We said our final words and squeezed our hands for the final time. As all of you guys reading this can imagine, it was very emotional and nice.

We ended our evening with dinner on Quay Four and some beers. Some of us danced to the live music of the restaurant, and then we just hung out and appreciated out last night all together.

This experience has been different for all of us, but there is one thing that we all had in common, and that is how much we grew and learned from each other and ourselves. Thank you to the parents for helping your sons and daughters come here. It was so so so worth it. You have given us the opportunity to live the best experience of our lives so far.

Argo rocks, and the people here rock too. I don’t want to leave.